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As Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin’s largest supplier of lubricants, motor oils, fuels and related products, Kelley Williamson services hundreds of car dealerships, many commercial fleets, the local aviation industry, the industrial and the agricultural markets. Select from the options below for more product and service information.

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Full line distributor of the following brands:

  • Mobil (Automotive / Industrial / Fleet-Commercial
  • Mr. Goodwrench (Automotive) (To GM dealers only)
  • Chrysler – Mopar (Automotive) (To Chrysler dealers only)
Automotive Products Industrial Greases Aviation Products
Industrial Products Specialty Products Industrial Oils

Industrial Products

Bearing Lubricant - Secondary

Mobil Viscolite Oil Named Series

Compressor Lubricant

Mobil Rarus 427
Mobil Rarus 824
Mobil Rarus 826
Mobil Rarus 827
Mobil Rarus 829
Mobil Rarus SHC 1024
Mobil Rarus SHC 1026

Compressor Lubricant - Refrigeration

Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155
Gargoyle Arctic Oil 300
Gargoyle Arctic SHC 224
Gargoyle Arctic SHC 226
Gargoyle Arctic SHC 230
Gargoyle Arctic SHC 234
Mobil EAL Arctic Series

Diesel Engine Oil - Marine and Stationary

Mobilgard 300
Mobilgard 312
Mobilgard 412
Mobilgard 450
Mobilgard ADL Series

Gas Engine Oil

Mobil Pegasus 385
Mobil Pegasus 390
Mobil Pegasus 426
Mobil Pegasus 446
Mobil Pegasus 485
Mobil Pegasus 490
Mobil Pegasus 60
Mobil Pegasus 805
Mobil Pegasus 1 More Information
Mobil Pegasus 1005 More Information

Transformer Oil

Gear Lubricant

Mobil Extra Hecla Series
Mobil Glygoyle HE Series
Mobilgear 626
Mobilgear 627
Mobilgear 629
Mobilgear 630
Mobilgear 632
Mobilgear 634
Mobilgear 636
Mobilgear SHC 1000
Mobilgear SHC 150
Mobilgear SHC 1500
Mobilgear SHC 220
Mobilgear SHC 320
Mobilgear SHC 3200
Mobilgear SHC 460
Mobilgear SHC 680
Mobilgear SHC 6800
Mobiltac 325 NC
Mobiltac 375 NC
Mobiltac LL
Mobiltac MM
Mobiltac QQ

Gear/Bearing and Gear/Bearing Compressor Lubricant

Mobil Glygoyle 22
Mobil SHC 600 Series

Gear/Bearing Lubricant

Heat Transfer Oil

Mobiltherm Light 603

Hydraulic and Circulating Oil - Food Grade

Mobil DTE FM 32

Hydraulic and Circulating Oil

Mobil DTE Oil Named Series
Mobil Vactra Oil Named Series

Hydraulic Fluid - Fire Resistant

Mobil Pyrogard 53
Mobil Pyrogard D
Nyvac FR 200D

Hydraulic Oil

Mobil DTE 10M Series
Mobil DTE 20 Series
Mobil Hydraulic Oil ISO Series
Mobil SHC 500 Series
Mobilfluid 350
Mobil Pyrogard 53 More Information

Hydraulic Oil (Biodegradable)

Mobil EAL 224H

Mist Lubricant

Mobil Mist Lube 24
Mobil Mist Lube 27
Mobil Mist Lube 34

Rock Drill Lubricant

Mobil Almo 500 Series

Special Service

Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil
Mobilsol A
Whiterex 425

Spindle Lubricant

Mobil Velocite Oil 10
Mobil Velocite Oil 3
Mobil Velocite Oil 6
Mobil Velocite Oil 8

Steam Cylinder/Worm Gear Lubricant

Mobil Super Cylinder Oils
Mobil 600 W Cylinder Oil

Turbine Oil

Mobil DTE 797
Mobil DTE 832
Mobil SHC 824
Mobil SHC 825

Way Oil

Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series

Hydraulic & Way Oil

Mobil Vacuoline 1405
Mobil Vacuoline 1409

Machine Oil

Machine and Bearing Oil

Metal Working Fluids -Rust Preventative

Mobilarma 245 More Information
Mobilarma 247 More Information
Mobilarma 522 More Information
Mobilarma 524 More Information
Mobilarma 525 More Information
Mobilarma 777 More Information
Mobilarma 778 More Information
Mobilarma 778 More Information
Mobilarma 798 More Information

Metal Working Fluids - Cutting Fluids - Soluable

Mobilcut 102 More Information
Mobilcut 141 More Information
Mobilcut 231 More Information
Mobilcut 251 More Information
Mobilcut 321 More Information

Metal Working Fluids Neat or Non-Staining Cutting Fluids

Mobilmet402 More Information
Mobilmet 404 More Information
Mobilmet 416 More Information
Mobilmet 423 More Information
Mobilmet 426 More Information
Mobilmet 427 More Information
Mobilmet 762 More Information
Mobilmet 763 More Information
Mobilmet 766 More Information

Metal Working Fluids - Quench Oils

Mobil Thermrex D10 More Information
Mobil Thermrex F43 More Information
Mobil Thermrex R21 More Information
Mobil Thermrex V32 More Information

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